August 9, 2013 the day I had to say goodbye to a place that had been my home for 18 years of my life. A place I held very close to my heart it was a day I knew would come but I never realized how soon it was going to arrive. Fast forward to August 9, 2019 exactly 6 years later I stepped on a plane and flew back home.

Going home!

In all honesty I never intended to fly back on the date I left six years ago it was just the most convenient date and looking back at it now I think it was destiny. The past few months I have got to admit weren’t the best it has been one hell of a roller coaster ride in my life both mentally and physically. My ticket home had already been booked months in advance and for the first time in so so long I wasn’t so excited to go back home which was weird on my part cause I always looked forward to going back home (I guess exhaustion was catching up to me and flying was not the most exciting thought at that moment)

But let me tell you the moment I stepped on that plane and that very moment I got out of the plane at my destination after 12 hours of traveling I wanted to cry really I did want to but I held back my tears and smiled. I felt like a weight of my shoulders was gone and I was finally home it was the most relief I felt in months and I couldn’t be any happier.

About to land in Goroka

But first let us start with this what is home? What do I mean by home? Honestly home could mean something very different to different people. According to google home means (the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household). But what does it mean to me? I’ve actually been asked that question so many times. “How does it feel like to be home in Manila?” “What do you consider home?” Honestly, I never really have a concrete answer to that question but if I really think of it Home to me is where I am most comfortable, where my family is, where I grew up. Being raised as a third culture kid a kid who grew up in a culture that is not my own finding that space of home is actually very hard and it comes to a point in life that we create our own little culture to adapt to the one we live in.

So to start this series of why am I writing about home? well actually I wanna tell you all about my home, the place I grew up in, the place I will always go back to, the place where I find solace in rough times and that place is Papua New Guinea.

View from our backyard in Goroka, Papua New Guinea

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