It has been so long…

As I write this blog I am currently seating at my family’s dining table back in Goroka, Papua New Guinea it’s currently 10:40 in the evening on August 15, 2019.

As many of you may have wondered where I have been lately well, I’ve been around literally around trying to figure myself, my life, and this blog out. Okay fine, I have put this blog away for quite some time honestly I had tuck it away in the far corner of my laptop’s browser and had neglected it for months. Why I did that might you ask? Well I don’t know honestly I was lost I did not know where to take my blog, I did not know what to write, I was confused and I found tucking it away and not thinking about it was the easiest solution to that problem.

As I seat here back home after months and months of being away I finally found something I wanna finally talk about. This blog will just be short. I just wanted to go on here and tell you all I am back finally! and I want to start my blog again with the most simplest tale/series of all. HOME.

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