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In approximately 8 days 23hrs 50mins and 10secs I will be on a plane and crossing the international date line for another epic adventure. Where you ask? To the United States of America! (AHHHHHHHH!!) Yes, obviously I’m excited. The last time I went to the USA was back in 2013 to visit family and see the sites, but this time I’m going back for something special! I’m visiting my best friends who I haven’t seen in almost 6 years! Yes 6 years!

A straight flight from the Philippines to San Francisco (where I’ll visit family before hopping on another plane to Michigan) is about 13 hours long. So what do I need to survive this massively long time traveling across the Pacific ocean? As a girl who has had the privilege to travel out of the country at least twice a year, I’ve picked up a few tricks throughout the years and I am happy to share them with you all.


Most important thing to remember is your passport! I like keeping it in a little pouch when I travel with a few pens and a little notebook. It helps make it a little more organized in my bag and it also stops me from misplacing my passport in my bag. Which has happened. And I freaked out. A lot. Moving on!

A good book!

A book (or a magazine or e-book or graphic novel) is a great thing to have during long flights. Personally I love to read so having one to keep me company throughout the trip is a must. It also helps with killing time. You’ll be surprised how fast time passes when you’re reading.


Having sunglasses in the airport or on the plane is a life saver! There’s nothing like having them to cover your eyes while dozing on the plane (while making you look like you’re super interested in the view)! It also helps if you get of the plane and it’s really sunny. It keeps you away from judgemental eyes.

Headphones, and phone or tablet!

Having a good pair of headphones when traveling is essential because, let’s be honest, the earphones handed to us on the plane are not the most comfortable (at least for me). So having your own pair will be a big help, comfort wise. It also becomes useful when you have long layovers in airports and you wanna catch up on a tv show or just listen to music. The moments when you just wanna tune the rest of the world (or in this case the airport) out.

Of course if you brought headphones/earphones you can’t go without a gadget, whether it be a mobile phone, tablet, or an iPod. But having either one of them ensures endless entertainment, especially in the company of TV shows, movies, or games. Just make sure that you have an external battery charger with you (AKA powerbanks)!

Pro-tip: Netflix has a setting where you can download movies or tv shows to watch later, even without internet connection!

Make-Up bag!

If you’ll be on a long flight (*cough*13hours*cough*) pack a make-up bag with your carry-on so you’ll always look refreshed and ready to handle your destination. Make yourself look like you just came from the neighboring town!

Pro-tip #2: Chapstick helps keep your lips hydrated during the long hours in the plane. With this little thing, your lips will stay nice and un-chipped. But please make sure to still drink lots and lots of water to keep your body hydrated!


Well this is kind of self-explanatory. You wouldn’t want to be traveling around without your wallet. You have things to buy! Places to see! Delicacies to eat! Plus, it’s already where all your IDs are so might as well bring it along for the ride.

Planner, Pens, and little post it’s!

Having a planner and some pens will help you keep your trip organized. Writing your itinerary down will allow you to keep track of it on a day to day basis, so you can plan even better! Plus, you’ll need a pen to sign all of those forms when you get to the airport. Post-It’s are a great addition to help prioritize the different experiences.

Pro-tip #3: Gum or candy are essential to a comfortable trip. My ears clog up because of the altitude changes that happen while in the plane, so chewing gum before take-off and landing helps clear them right up. Thanks, mom!

Laptop and Polaroid camera

If you’re like me, wherein I blog and edit photos then bringing your laptop is REQUIRED. But hey, even if you don’t, your laptop is basically a powerful entertainment centre with all your videos and books. If you’re feeling productive, maybe you can do a bit of work during the flight. It’s a certified way to make the time travel as fast as you are.

A little addition I have is a polaroid camera. I love every aspect of photography and having an immediate keepsake of the memory is a wonderful addition to that. It’s small and easy to carry around too! I also love the vintage look it gives to the photos that I took. So yes, even with a phone and a camera, I still recommend bringing this little one along if you can.

Lastly, chargers! You do want to make sure that your gadgets stay charged, right? Make sure to keep them in your carry on baggage because, trust me, you’ll need them.

So these are my must have travel essentials! What are yours?

Let me know what you all would want for my next blog. I’m thinking my fashion pegs or even a make-up review. But if you want me to do something different, please tell me.

See you in my next blog!


Julia (With special appearance by Luna the pupper)








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