Everyday make-up routine

Hello Again!!

So before I get back to story telling about my life let’s talk about this summer heat! (Okay kidding we’re not actually going to talk about that. But, it’s seriously hot though)

So remember in my first post where I mentioned how make-up was one of the few things that got me out of a tough time (It’s true! It was a life changer). Today, I’m gonna start out with something small: my everyday make-up routine. You know how there are people who would be fine leaving the house with minimal or no make-up at all? I’m the opposite. I find it really, really, really difficult to leave home with no make-up. It’s a struggle.  I try to at least have a little color on my lids, a little mascara, and we cannot, and I mean cannot, forget the eyebrows (the eyebrows are a must people!). But on those days when I am feeling all energized and glamorous I try to throw in some foundation, concealer, blush and powder into the mix.

(Living in the Philippines and wearing a full face make-up is hard! Just walking outside my front door I feel my make-up melting of my face literally!)

So here it goes…

Smashbox photo finish primer water

This Primer water is a miracle! On those days when I don’t feel like putting on primer I would just spray some of this on my face apply a bit of foundation and voila I’m all good for the day. (Kidding) but you can start your make-up routine now.

You can purchase this at any Rustan’s Department Store or Beauty Bar branches around the Philippines.

Benefit Pore professional matte rescue

This one is my absolute favorite! So you know when you take pictures and there is any sort of light (and I mean sunlight, street light, lamp, etc) hitting your face and when you look at pictures you have this weird glow on? Do you get me? This primer is amazing! I’ve actually noticed that it slightly or completely removes that weird glow AND it also makes your skin pretty soft.

Available in all Benefit stores around the country or on Sephora Ph.

Elf Foundation (Sand)

So I’m pretty fair and looking for a foundation that actually matches my skin tone is hard. And I mean really really hard. I also have very sensitive skin so sometimes I react to drug store foundation and it makes my skin really dry. This foundation I found is a miracle! It feels very light on your skin and it’s also full coverage. I used this once for a wedding that I attended and it stayed on the whole night. It was a godsend! It also felt like I had barely any make-up on. It’s really easy to apply with a brush or a beauty blender.

Available in all Watsons branches, and SM or Robinsons Department stores.

Cover girl ready set gorgeous concealer (light)

I have been using this concealer since I started using make-up. It does wonders for me. It’s not as full coverage as the Tarte Shape Tape concealer but for a drug store concealer it’s not that bad. When I have really bad bugs beneath my eyes or when I have acne marks just a little dab of this and foundation and it’s like there was nothing there. It also doesn’t crease which is a plus for me since I find other drug store concealers really hard to blend or it creases really bad. (We don’t want our concealer to crease do we boys and girls?)

Available in SM and Robinsons Department stores.

Benefit shine vanishing pro powder

So when I’m bored, I browse the internet and come across random Youtubers. And yes, I discover pretty awesome things sometimes. No kidding though majority of my make-up knowledge is because of Youtube and, of course, Pinterest. So apart from the RCMA setting powder, which is really really hard to get in the Philippines, (If any of you out there know where I can get RCMA powder in this country please let me know!) I discovered this beauty. I’ve been using this for months now and it seriously still feels full. Anyways this sets your under eyes and forehead really well and it avoids your make-up from creasing. (Wonders I tell you!)

Available in all Benefit branches around the country.

Too Faced chocolate bon bon palette

OH MY GOSH! This palette!!! So my one true weakness in make-up has got to be eye shadows. If I got to be picky with my make-up it has to be the eyeshadows. I seriously really look for pigmented and I mean really pigmented palettes. One of my many favorite eye shadow brands has got to be Too Faced (They are my holy grail in eyeshadow palettes with Tarte coming in second). This past month the Chocolate Bon Bon palette has been my go-to palette. I mostly use the shades Almond Truffle and Mocha for the more natural look but if I go for the heavy kind of smokey eye I would add in Malted and Bordeaux with a bit of Molasses Chip for some shimmer effect. Sometimes I would also use Satin Sheets as a highlighter cause it is amazing! The best part: the whole palette smells like chocolates. There are times I would switch out the Bon Bon palette for the Semi-sweet chocolate bar palette. (If you don’t have this palette yet. I suggest you get it!!)

Available online on Sephora PH.

Kat Von D tattoo liner (Tropper) and Cover Girl liquiline blast eyeliner (Black)

When I started using make-up back in high school I stayed far far away from liquid liners. (I was scared to try one ookkkaaaay). Then in this one trip to Singapore while I was shopping for make-up, I was given a sample of the Kat Von D tattoo liner.I gotta admit it still took me a while before I used it, like give or take about a month. I had run out of my usual black eye liner (Covergirl) so I had no choice but to give this one a try. Once I did, I was instantly hooked! I absolutely loved it! Suddenly, my reasons for not trying it before vanished because  it’s so easy to apply and it’s smudge free. This has been my go to eye liner since last October and I’m down to my last pencil. (Huhuhu) I would only use the liquid liner on my top lid while I use my Cover Girl liquiline blast eyeliner on my bottom half. Cover Girl eyeliner has been my staple eye liner since secondary school. It really stays on the whole day (and I mean it! I played varsity softball during this time and my make-up wouldn’t even smudge).

Kat Von D tattoo liner available on Sephora PH. Cover girl liquiline blast eyeliner available in all SM and Robinsons department stores.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara and They’re Real Mascara

When I started using make-up, I started with mascara. It was the easiest thing to experiment with and I was still a little terrified to try anything with colors so I stuck to just applying a bit of mascara before school. Over the years (and this is where I feel old), I have tried on various brands and there have only been a few that I absolutely love. Two of which are the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara and the They’re Real mascara, which have been my usual mascaras this past year. They’re Real mascara makes my lashes look very full and the Roller Lash adds a bit of curl to them. I’m asian so my lashes are very short and stubby (at least I think so), so having just a little bit of curl to your lashes is a plus.

Benefit Roller Lash and They’re Real mascara are available in all Benefit branches across the country.

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

This brow pencil is just ahhhhhhhhh! There are just no words to describe this product. The Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil is easy to apply and lasts the whole day. I am seriously really really glad I found this ’cause I have not found an eyebrow pencil better than this.

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil is available in all Benefit branches across the country.

Maybelline Fit Me pressed powder (Cream beige)

Yes, before you guys judge me I know this is a pressed powder. I am not that dark so I use this as a bronzer. Let me tell you, Maybelline Fit Me pressed powder works great as a bronzer, again because I have fair skin. As an added plus, it adds a little tan and a bit of glow to my skin.  I would switch this for the Hoola bronzer of Benefit, but on a everyday basis this works just as well.

The Maybelline Fit Me pressed powder is available in all Watsons, and SM and Robinsons Department stores.

Maybelline Color Show Blush (Fresh Coral)

For a drug store blush, the Maybelline Color Show blush is fantastic. This color gives a good summer vibe by adding just a hint of rosiness to your cheeks.  This is one of my favorite blushes for this past year because it has the added bonus of looking so naturally on your skin (which is what we all aim for right, ladies and gentlemen?).

Available in all Watsons and SM and Robinsons Department stores.

Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lip (Bow and Arrow), NYX lingerie (#08 Bedtime Flirt), and Color Pop ultra matte lip (Chi)

This is the best part of putting on make-up, for me at least (Don’t judge me people). So where do I start? I have a taste for a more natural color, hence my love of nude shades. But OH MY GOSH! Whoever invented matte liquid lip, the world owed you! It was because of this that I finally liked using lip products, something I stayed far away from in high school. I thought they were a waste because the color would be gone after a few hours. But matte liquid lip just stays on the WHOLE DAY, with just a little touch up here and there (if you’re really picky about the color).

Kat Von D is the goddess of all liquid lip (that I have tried so far) because it’s very pigmented, dries matte, and last the whole day. But if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, NYX and Color Pop will do the trick at half the price of KVD’s products.

Kat Von D is available on Sephora PH, Color pop is available on The makeup store MNL on instagram (they sell authentic make-up products it’s pretty cool) and lastly NYX is available in all SM mall and Department stores.

Urban Decay Chill make up setting spray

You can’t end your make-up with just liquid lip or lipsticks, you HAVE to finish it off with a setting spray to hold that gorgeous master piece you’ve created. I mean, c’mon, let’s face it, make-up is also an art of its own (if you haven’t figured that out yet). This setting spray does wonders. I wore this to the aforementioned wedding and it stayed true to its name; it did last me the whole night. It blew me away because the church was basically a microwave during the ceremony and I was terrified that my make-up was gonna melt off. Luckily, the Urban Decay Chill make-up setting spray saved the night (and my make-up)!

Available on Sephora PH


Well that was so much longer then I expected. If you read and endured all my blabbering till the end thank you so so much! It’s much appreciated. Okay I might start blabbering again so I’ll end it here.

Much love,




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