New Beginnings


Before I embark on this new adventure with you all let me give you a little background:

I have been blessed beyond measures to have a wonderful family that supports me on my little and sometimes big shenanigans in life. I was born and raised in a small town in Papua New Guinea, a small well slightly large (oh well the size is not important) country about North West of Australia.

About four years ago I made the tough decision of leaving the only country that I have known as home for the past 18 years to embark on a new adventure (College). Being freshly out of high school my 18-year-old self was eager to leave this small town scared, yet excited I packed my bags and moved to Manila. I had the comfort of visiting Manila every so often which gave me the opportunity to know my surroundings and immerse myself in Filipino culture.

October 2013 was my first full month in the Philippines without my family, everyday had been a challenge not having my mom, my dad and both my little brothers here everyday. I finally knew the meaning of being homesick (it’s not fun people) I dealt with it in a very irrational way: I went out partying, coming home late from school, leaving early the next day. I didn’t know what to do it was like I was unleashed into this foreign country and had no one to guide me in my everyday life.

I was doing fine for the most part and time flew by so quick I was finally in my second year of college and about to enter my third year when I realized I was no longer enjoying school I had no motivation to get up early in the morning, I rarely wanted to go to class. My grades were slipping and I was lost, confused, unmotivated, and uninspired. I didn’t know what to do so I did the only rational decision I could make at that time. I took a leave of absence from school to “Find myself” again, to search for motivation and an answer to why I wasn’t happy anymore. It took me one year and a whole lot of break downs, panic attacks, and stupid decisions to finally find the answer to all my questions.

This blog will serve as a platform to let me express and share with you all my challenges, life experiences, and lessons. I know this experience won’t apply to everybody but I hope the lessons I learn would be a help to many if not a few. I will also share the little things such as photography, travels, fashion and make-up that help me get through the rough year of self discovery I will also occasionally share my day to day life to give you all a glimpse of how I am as a person.

As of now I’m doing great! If you ask me a year ago where I see myself today I would have no idea. I’m glad that I’ve come this far and if it weren’t for the different obstacles I had to face I wouldn’t be here today.

So stay tuned for more exciting, fun, weird, and occasionally a hilarious roller coaster ride.

Hope you all enjoyed!



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